Saturday, November 13, 2004

Arvi Parbo

THE grand old knight of Australian mining was born in 1926 and graduated
with honours from Adelaide University. Born in Estonia, he
is one of Australia's most famous and successful immigrants.

An admired businessman, Sir Arvi is listed in Who's Who as a director
of Sara Lee Corporation from 1991, chairman of BHP between 1989
and 1992, chairman of Alcoa Australia since 1978 and a director
of Aluminium Co America since 1980. He had a long association with
Western Mining, which he joined in 1956. He was present when
the world's largest multi-mineral lode was discovered in South Australia.

He is credited with turning the company into a multibillion-dollar
success and was managing director from 1971 to 1986 and chairman
from 1974 until Hugh Morgan took full executive control in 1990.

Prime Minister John Howard has described Sir Arvi as an exemplar of
Australian post-war achievement.

Sir Arvi has received numerous awards for his lifetime dedication
to mining.

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