Monday, October 25, 2004

Sports and money (money issues)

In the old days sport and money were clearly separated. Two hundred years ago, were most competitions free for people. And what’s even more significant, no one knew about commercials and advertisement. So where are we standing today? What’s the relationship between sports and money?

Using the concept that Richard Dawkins developed in his brilliant book “The Selfish Gene”, we can say, that nowadays sports and money are living together as genes, to have a healthy sex-life and to survive.

What I mean by sex-life is that sports as a female and money as a male need each other to prosper. Human abilities have reached their limits. Without any dope or technological change the elevation to a new level is impossible. But the modern technologies are very expensive. No sportsman could use (buy) those things just by his own – some sponsorship is needed. So, now we are on a point where there’s a witty women waiting for a male to come.

And the masculine one will come. Money will arrive as soon as the smell of the possibility to prosper has spread. Well, money is always looking new ways to reproduce itself, even if it means destruction for others.

In this case, when we have a female waiting, money sees an easy catch to be made. What brings allure into this show, is that the girls are always looking for a new ways of making themselves more beautiful, then their companions are. And the money has the power of making that all come true. With the newest technologies and unfortunately also with the newest dopes, sportsmen can beat the others, whatever the odds might be.

And now we are coming back to their sex-life. Well, they are having sex, that’s for sure – and they are also creating a new generation of offspring.

When a man and a woman are having sex, it’s usually followed with something – whether it’s than children or something else. In this case, with sport and money, they give birth to commercials and advertisement, which in other terms are money. So money makes money and the girls want to be pretty. And we all like those beautiful girls, don’t we?! If those girls want as to say or wear something, they like (or most likely the money wants), we’ll just do it.


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